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Review: Rumors

By • Feb 5th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Castaways Repertory Theatre’s production of Rumors [MP3 4:00 3.7MB].

Laura: We’re talking about the Castaways Repertory Theatre‘s production of Rumors that we saw tonight.

Mike: Rumors is a Neil Simon play, takes place in New York City in 1989. It’s a dinner party celebrating the tenth wedding anniversary of a couple. When the first couple arrives to the party, they hear a gunshot, they go in, and they discover an odd situation. And they want to keep what has happened quiet from the other couples that arrive. So that’s what they try to do for the next part of the show is to keep it quiet. And that’s the plot.

Laura: Yes, it was very good.

Mike: It was very funny.

Laura: It was very funny, I liked it. I thought all the couples interacted well together.

Mike: There were a total of four couples who were at the party at the house they were visting. Also two police officers that showed up later in the show. So, technically there were ten people.

Laura: Yes, that’s correct. All the couples were married except for the police officers.

Mike: And they acted like they were married.

Laura: The couple that was mad at each other acted like they were a mad at each other couple. It came across in their faces, their expressions, their stage presence.

Mike: They held it together really well, and I don’t want to give anything away. But different things that went on were, made it feel like married couples. It’s a comedy, and lots of role-playing and swapping.

Laura: And lots of laughter. There was even some physical slapstick comedy.

Mike: There was a little bit, a little bit of slapstick. but mostly it was just the situation and trying to keep their stories straight. When the police showed up, trying to keep those stories even straighter. Because they were all afriad of going to jail for lying to the police. They all to lie the same way and they couldn’t remember what the story was and I would think that would be hard to learn. You learn the lines, but learning the situation, and it changes as you introduce more people into the play.

Laura: Can get really confusing.

Mike: And they did it really well.

Laura: Yes, they did a really good job. I liked the set a lot. It was really well done. Again it was detailed.

Mike: It was very detailed. It was a good job. It was a good set. It had two levels to imply there was a two story house. but of course you can’t do that in a lot of these theaters, it only went up a few steps. But it was pretty effective. And it did make it feel like they were going up and down the steps.

Laura: Yes, I did see some times where they were out of breath. Probably because they were from going up and down the steps. So that was really well done. I was going to say there was some language in the show tonight, so it’s not kid friendly. There were some adult, definitely a lot of adult language and situations.

Mike: It takes place in New York City in 1989 and there were a lot of four letter words thrown about as just conversational words.

Laura: All but two of the actors/actresses in tonight’s play we’ve seen before either in other plays or the works that they’ve done in other theaters.

Mike: The playbill lists twelve different people. And two of them we’ve not seen them or in shows that they’ve helped backstage. So it’s kind of nice getting a little community together. Starting to recognize faces. “Hey, wasn’t he in Guys and Dolls?” “Yeah I remember that.” and “wasn’t she in..”

Laura: That’s why it’s fun to read the playbill beforehand because you can identify more closely with the actors and actresses. You can read about them. So I would definitely recommend seeing Rumors by Neil Simon. It’s playing for the next two weekends in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Mike: And there is a matinee next week, so that would be a little less expensive if you want to go out on the afternoon.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Chris Gorman: Adrienne Showker
  • Ken Gorman: Brett Bartosavage
  • Claire Ganz: Amy Treat
  • Lenny Ganz: Bob Cohen
  • Ernie Cusack: Brian Miller
  • Cookie Cusack: Marji Jepperson
  • Glenn Cooper: Bill Kitzerow
  • Cassie Cooper: Christine Lowry
  • Officer Pudney: Sallie Ronan
  • Officer Welch: Lynn Taylor


  • Producer/Director: Ted Ballard
  • Stage Manager: Sallie Ronan
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Alexa Wilson
  • Set Design/Master Builder: Tom Hannon
  • Scenic Design: Tom Hannon
  • Set Decor: Tom Hannon, Ted Ballard
  • Sound Design: Sally Katkoff
  • Costumes: Ted Ballard, Harry Kantrovich, Gavin Tamaris
  • Lighting Design: Ryan Johnston
  • Properties Design: Jo Murray, Ted Ballard, Alexa Wilson
  • Running Crew: Sallie Ronan, Alexa Wilson
  • Cover Art: Ted Ballard
  • Set Build & Paint Assistants: Tom Hannon, Gavin Tamaris
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