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Review: Iron s’Kill-IT

By • Feb 21st, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Sterling Playmakers’ production of Iron s’Kill-It [MP3 4:21 4MB].

Laura: We’re talking about Sterling Playmakers‘ production of Iron s’Kill-It that we saw Saturday.

Mike: Iron s’Kill-It was written by Glen Bartram who is a member of the Sterling Playmakers. And just so everybody knows, Laura and I are also members of Sterling Playmakers. We went to an acting workshop they did a few months ago. We learned more about our acting abilities and had a good time with that. But, right now we’re going to talk about Iron s’Kill IT. It’s a murder mystery that takes place on a cooking TV show. A network debut evening. So it’s a really fancy schmancy evening. It’s a big contest between two different chefs. It’s also a soap opera because it’s a murder mystery. The people that are in the audience are part of the studio audience for the show. We get to sample the food that is part of the chef’s contest. We get to vote, which really doesn’t count for anything, but you get to play like you’re voting. Through the course of the evening you get to learn a lot about the different people and the lives of the different chefs. They all know each other and twists and turns. One of them ends up killing one of the chefs at some point during the evening, but I’m not going to tell you too much about it in case you go see this show. It was a pretty good show.

Laura: Yes, it was a good show. I think everybody played their parts well. They stayed in character throughout the performance even coming out into the audience as their character. Trying to promote themself. I liked how they used the stage. They used the stage well. There were three entrances. They used all three of them to come in and out.

Mike: The room this was held in you were also eating there. You’re eating your dinner there. It was a really long room, not real wide. That was interesting because a lot of the action takes place at the one end where there’s a giant screen. Part of the scenes were done in the cooking area. They had a camera set up so they showed you the cooking area on the big screen as if it were the TV show. When they weren’t up in that front area by the screen thay were in the whole length of the room. That was good because you kind of got to see the people right there in front of you, but a lot of the time they’re walking the whole length of the room so they’re talking away from you so it was hard to hear at some points.

Laura: Some points it was hard to hear. I liked the computer how it was set up so you could see what was going on in the back room. I thought that was kind of neat how they had that set up.

Mike: That was kind of a neat set up. One of the parts of a murder mystery is to trying to figure out whodunnit. Of course all the characters end up accusing each other. They’re trying to figure it out while the police are in the other room looking at the body.

Laura: That’s where all the secrets, the other lives, and secrets come out while they’re all trying to accuse each other so they don’t look guuilty.

Mike: Exactly. Then they did something a little strange. They asked the audience to vote on who they thought did it. So they ran through a vote and, I’m not going to get into specifics, but the audience came up with two people who they really thought had done it. Then they didn’t use the vote for anything. They just kind of did it. So that was kind of weird. In the past when I’ve seen murder mysteries and they have a vote, the audience decides who did it and then they would act out one of eight different endings since there were eight characters. They didn’t do that they kind of went to the person they thought did it which was weird. To build it up as a vote and then not to do it.

Laura: It was a different approach. Overall I think they did well.

Mike: It was a fun evening.

Laura: It was a fun evening. I liked it.

Mike: So Iron s’Kill IT is playing next weekend at the Sterling Community Center. Unfortunately tickets are already sold out a whole week in advance. So if you wanted to go see this show you’re probably out of luck unless you know someone who can get you in the back door. I don’t know how you would do that, that’s up to you.

Laura: You can always go to the Sterling Playmakers’ web page and get on their mailing list because I think it’s a tradition that they do every winter.

Mike: So get on their mailing list so you can find out about the shows next year and have a good time next year. But if you do have tickets for this week you’re going to enjoy yourself I think.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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