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Review: Noises Off (Arlington Players)

By • Feb 4th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Arlington Players’ production of Noises Off [MP3 3:46 3.5MB].

Laura: We’re talking about the Arlington Players‘ production of Noises Off which we saw opening night.

Mike: Noises Off is the same show performed two weeks ago by the 2nd Flight Productions in Manassas. Read that review. So what’d you think of the show, Laura?

Laura: I really liked it. I liked the characters very much and I loved the set. The set was really good. I hope it wins some WATCH nominations next year. I was very impressed with it. Very detailed. It looked like a country home.

Mike: The basic plot of the story takes place is rehearsal for the show, then a performance and then another peformance. The catch is the secnd act is back stage. So you’ve got the exact same set only it’s backwards. And the waythey did it was they actually rotated the whole set. It was impressive.

Laura: In the third act was the front again and during the intermission they actually rotated the entire set back around and they had carousel music playing while they were turning it back around which I thought was a great touch.

Mike: It was a great touch. It was a very subtle thing, but they actuaaly thought about it. They’re doing a carousel so we’ll play circus music. That was fun. Made for an enjoyable evening.

Laura: Very much so. I felt the first act everyone was a little stiff. But in the second and third acts the audience warmed up and so did the actors.

Mike: In the first act the people in the audience weren’t quite sure what to expect what was going to happen. There was still laughter, it was still funny, but it just felt a little like the actors were missing their steps, but to a point they were supposed to be missing their steps because it was a rehearsal of the show.

Laura: Just before opening night.

Mike: Just before opening night.

Laura: It could have been just jitters.

Mike: They could have been acting like they were jittery. So if that’s the case they did really well.

Laura: They made it very believable.

Mike: All the characters worked well together. There were a couple fight scenes, they were pretty well choreographed. There were a few where they weren’t quite in step yet. Fight scenes are kind of tough and when you have 3 people fighting. You have one person protecting and then two peoole trying to get at each other. It makes for a funny scene. Waving an ax or whatever it is they want to throw at each other.

Laura: But they did it all without talking, which I thought was really funny. In the second act when they were back fighting with each other, they were doing it silently which I thought made it more funny because then they had to show it in their emotions how upset they were.

Mike: Another really nice touch in the second act, which was when they were backstage. There was a giant glass window in the middle of the stage. You could see out into their stage area. You could see them acting behind their stage area, behind the set away from us the audience. That was really cool. You could hear them doing their lines on the stage before their fake audience. That was really neat being able to see that they were acting for real.

Laura: Kind of seeing what was going on I thought was really funny. I liked that a lot.

Mike: Noises Off is a lot of fun. The actors did well with it. The stage was incredible. You need to go see the set just to see it. See what they could do with a limited area. If you did miss Noises Off a couple weeks ago in Manassas, you can now see it in Arlighton.

Laura: It’s playing for the next two weeks in Arlington, Virginia.

Mike: And now, on with the show.


  • Lloyd Dallas: John Allnutt
  • Garry/Roger: Lowell Sachs
  • Selsdon: Albert Coia
  • Brooke/Vicki: Elsbeth Strum
  • Poppy: Jennifer Skidmore Diffell
  • Tim: Christopher Guy Thorn
  • Belinda/Flavia: Cynthia Huesman
  • Dotty/Mrs. Clackett: Susan Edwards
  • Freddy/Philip: Andy Izquierdo


  • Producer: John Segota
  • Director: Malcolm Edwards
  • Stage Manager: Lee Zahnow
  • Set Design: Jared Davis
  • Costume Design & Coordination: Pam McFarland
  • Lighting Design: AnnMarie Castrigno
  • Sound Design: Bill Wisnewski
  • Properties Design: Avery Burns
  • Makeup Design: Arthur Rodger
  • Master Carpenter: Pete Silvia, Peter Finkel
  • Assistant Producer: Karinn Cologne
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Arthur Rodger, Dina Green
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