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Review: The Weir

By • Nov 8th, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Elden Street Players’ production of The Weir [MP3 2:45 2.5MB].

Laura: We’re talking about the Elden Street Players‘ performance of the Weir Friday evening. It was a good show.

Mike: It was a good show. The Weir is “w-e-i-r.”

Laura: Yes, not a word you’d see in the dictionary very often. The basic plot it takes place in present day Ireland in a pub and it’s a group of men and one visitor that comes and they tell scary stories.

Mike: Not scary really, but spooky stories.

Laura: Spooky stories I guess that would be a better word for it.

Mike: The woman is new to the town and she moved into the haunted house so they tell her a story and scare her a little bit. But then in the end of the play she tells a story and that scares them all. Yeah so it was good.

Laura: It was a good show. The set was very realistic. I mean it looked like a pub.

Mike: That was a heck of a job getting that together. They had actual liquor bottles and extra chairs and barstools and actual tap that the beer came out of and very good.

Laura: Very realistic and very detailed. All of the characters managed to stay with the Irish accent throughout the performance which was good. The first half was a little hard to understand. Kind of the audience acclimated throughout so the second half it was easier to follow.

Mike: Yeah, it was definitely, we were used to it I guess so it made more sense. In the playbill they do have a listing of some of the terms you’d be hearing and what it means. That was helpful.

Laura: Yes, that was very helpful.

Mike: it was a nice touch.

Laura: So you could translate appropriately which was good. Friday evening was a sold out performance.

Mike: And they were turning people away at the door. So if you want to see something at the Elden Street Players call ahead get reservations or get season tickets. I think they’re still accepting those since this is their first show of the season.

Laura: That is correct, but i thought it was a very well done performance.

Mike: You saw them as those characters I didn’t know any of the people but I really thought that’s who they were. It was neat to see.

Laura: It was very well done.

Mike: So I would say it’s playing for another two weeks or so through November 19 so if you’ve got the opportunity give them a call and get your name on the list for tickets and go see the Weir at the Elden Street Players.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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