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Review: The Gin Game

By • Nov 4th, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Little Theater of Alexandria’s production of The Gin Game [MP3 3:42 3.4MB].

Mike: We just got back from seeing the Little Theatre of Alexandria‘s the Gin Game. The Gin Game is the story of a lady who has entered a retirement home and she’s not too happy about it. All by herself. She strikes up a friendship with another gentlemen there. He likes playing the game of gin. So they learn about each other over cards. It’s a roller coaster.

Mike: I thought it was good.

Laura: Yes it was a very enjoyable show. There were two actors so basically it was a dialogue. There were extras that had no lines, but walked through at certain points, But basically Fonsia and Weller were talking the whole time.

Mike: They talked over cards they danced and they had a good time with each other until things got discussed that they didn’t want to talk about.

Laura: Those touchy situations and things kind of deteriorated a bit.

Mike: Yeah, I know if you try to ask me some personal stuff I’m not going to want to talk about it. And if I don’t know you I’m really not going to want to talk about it. So I can’t imagine being in a retirement home with someone you’ve just met asking you all these detailed questions that you’re trying to cover up. So it was good. They got into those feelings. Weller got angry at points and that scared Fonsia.

Laura: Weller got angry a lot.

Mike: So they talked about those issues he had. Good show we enjoyed it a lot.

Laura: I really liked the set The Little Theatre of Alexandria’s staging was really detailed and well done.

Mike: The tree looked really good. There was a tree growing off on the side of the stage. Lighting was really well used. At the close of the show there was a spotlight that isolated Fonsia. That was really effective.

Laura: The special effects of the thunderstorm with the rain I thought was very realistic.

Mike: It was good, they did a good job. It came together really well. I was saying earlier in the playbil there were only two actors, two understudies and the names of the nurses that came through. And then you’ve got 4 pages of the people that it took to get his show to come together. And they all deserve a hand. This was a lot of work.

Laura: Yes it was. It was really well done.

Mike: The ending was a little odd in that it didn’t feel like it was over. Most of the time you go to a show and there is a happy ending. You know what’s going to happen. You can see it going good or bad.

Laura: It could go two different directions. It almost felt like there needed to be one more scene or one more act to kind of bring it all together, but that’s actually kind of how life is.

Mike: You don’t know how it’s going to end out. This one gets you talking. Sets up good conversation. Go see the show and then go out to dinner with the people you saw the show with and then talk about it. See what you think’s gonna happen.

Laura: There was some language so I would not recommend it for children. It would be for adults.

Mike: Adults. High schoolers can handle it without giggling at the bad words, strong language and violence. I would say go see this show it’s pretty good.

Laura: I definitely reccomend it. It’s playing through November the 19th at The Little Theater of Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia. And now, on with the show.

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