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Jesus Christ Superstar Review

By • Sep 27th, 2005 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the 2nd Flight Productions Theater Company’s performance of Jesus Christ Superstar [MP3 3:49 3.6MB].

Laura: Good afternoon and welcome to the first edition of review. My name is Laura.

Mike: And this is Mike.

Laura: Last evening Mike and I went to see the wonderful production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Mike: It was performed by 2nd Flight Productions at the Cramer Center in Old Town Manassas. They did a pretty good job. It was fantasic.

Laura: They did really well with the use of the stage. It was a really small theatre, but they did a really good use of the stage.

Mike: It was a very simple stage. They had some stairs on each side and a platform at center stage in the back, people were going in and out. There were lots of entrances. One thing I really enjoyed was they had live music.

Laura: They had a live band on the side that was there, but not distracting from the singing and dancing and acting that was going on on center stage. The costuming was really well done, too. They way they had the opening scene they were all in black. And then the lights went down and the lights came up and the actors were taking off their clothes.

Mike: They were taking off their clothes!? What kind of play was this?

Laura: No. Well, it ws in the 70’s so you know. They were taking off their top uniform and had their jeans and t-shirts and stuff underneath that.

Mike: I liked the use of color they used. The costume designer, lots of blacks and whites at different points. The characters had different clothing. Nothing I would wear, but for these characters it worked really well. The Jesus character had white and tan on. Judas had mostly darker colors. At one point he did run into all white clothing.

Laura: I think it made the emotion, brought out the emotion more with those different colors. The stark contrast of good versus evil that was portrayed through the performance.

Mike: And since the colors changed you really had to think now is this person good or is this person evil. Mary Magdelene was in red, which is kind of a traditional color for her, but it was effective for her role the way she portrayed it. She loved Jesus, but you had to wonder if it was an innappropriate love or not. They did really well.

Laura: Yes, I thought it was an excellent show. Getting there and back was relatively simple being in Oldtown Manassas and everyone around us seemed to enjoy it as well. It was the first community performance we have attended where there was an almost full standing ovation. It was good.

Mike: Yeah, parking near the Cramer Center was not a problem. There was plenty of parking and it was free which was nice. Tickets were $15 for the performance we saw and it will be going on for the next couple weeks. And there will be more information about that on our website

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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